Introducing Self-Publishing Authors Ana V. Arango and Christopher C. Cole’s Book Video Trailer for “A Warrior’s Journey with a Compassionate Dragon!”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for A Warrior’s Journey with a Compassionate Dragon! (published by Outskirts Press, December 2021), by Ana V. Arango and Christopher C. Cole.

Book Details

Dear Anita has always held Aiki Dragon’s spirit within her heart, giving her protection and guidance for her journey as a warrior. She was born into a family blessed with love, humor, trust, and various philosophies, and she learned how to become one with all that surrounded her. She discovered the universe’s power of love, for it dwelled within her, along with her enthusiasm and high energy. As a child, Dear Anita learned to communicate with a playmate who spoke another language, fly a tricycle, and stand up bravely to the neighborhood bully. She became one of the first and youngest female pilots and aviation attorneys. Then the universe revealed her healing powers, allowing her to become a Chinese medicine doctor.

In a time of self-reflection, Dear Anita learned of the beautiful goddess Kannon and was introduced to Aiki Dragon and the world of dragons, where she discovered her Dragon Queen Ryu healing powers. Simultaneously a book from her law school years, on the harmony and techniques of Aikido, fell back into her hands and created a forever path upon her warrior’s journey—where compassion, healing, love, and gratitude unite with the universe’s plan of perfect unison…and we are all one.

Ana V. Arango and Christopher C. Cole

About the Authors: Ana V. Arango is the founder and head sensei of Shobu Aikido Houston. She has been a pioneering businesswoman in the health and fitness industry, a small craft pilot and instructor, a multi-state aviation attorney, and a doctor in Chinese medicine. She also holds a Fifth Degree in Aikido.

Christopher C. Cole is a writer of poetry, meaningful quotes to ponder, and plays. He co-wrote the play Broken Chords in which he co-starred at the local community theatre. Christopher was accepted into the Edward Albee playwrights’ class at the University of Houston for his play Goldfish.

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