Top 5 Benefits of a Virtual Book Tour

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Book marketing has changed due to the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, you can take your book on tour without ever leaving your home thanks to modern technology. So, take your book on the virtual road and connect with bloggers and readers all over the globe with the Virtual Book Tour!

Being able to market your book efficiently while following social distancing guidelines is just one of the benefits of a virtual book tour. Following are 5 additional benefits:

  1. It’s faster, less expensive, and more convenient to “tour” from in front of your computer than from town to town in your car. (Those are 3 benefits right there, and there are still 4 more to go!)
  2. It’s an opportunity to engage with readers. Your appearance on blogs may generate reader comments, which you are encouraged to respond to.
  3. More book sales and book reviews are generated. Of course, the whole point of going on a virtual book tour is to create book sales, but you may discover an added benefit—the resulting book reviews, which will, in turn, become MORE book sales, and it never stops!
  4. Virtual Book Tours last FOREVER. On a “real” book tour, it’s over the minute you get home. But a virtual book tour is archived and searchable online forever, available for search engines (and your readers) to discover days, months, or even years later. And due to the power of print-on-demand and distribution-on-demand, your book will still be available for sale when those orders come in.
  5. Word of mouth. While the initial “tour” may be a whirlwind, you may discover an additional benefit due to word-of-mouth. Bloggers know each other, which can turn into more “appearances” down the road. And readers know each other (just ask members of GoodReads), which may turn into additional sales and reviews down the road, even if those secondary readers didn’t see you “on tour.”

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