How Local Media Marketing Can Make YOUR Book Skyrocket!

How Local Media Marketing Can Make YOUR Book Skyrocket!

Let us guess . . . You’re reading this post with a stack of your beautiful books visible in your peripheral vision. What an awesome sight, right? It’s the most wonderful view you should be working on . . . getting rid of!

Yes, it’s time to launch your book! Or relaunch it—it’s never too late to do more for your book.

And there is so very much you can do for your book—right in your own backyard! Local media are exponentially more likely to be interested in you, an author in their audience range, than if you send an unsolicited pitch to a national or global program.

Other than radio, every major city also has its fair share of local newscasts and entertainment programs on television. These program producers are constantly on the prowl for unique, original programming featuring someone of local interest. In much the same manner you located and pitched the radio stations, you’ll identify and pitch the television producers too.

Do you want more than radio and television exposure? How about citywide newspapers and/or community leaflets or fliers? Almost all commercial areas from the suburbs to the major cities harbor newsletters, newspapers, coupon periodicals, and the like. And what do you think the chances are that your local community newspaper will write an article about a local author with a published book? Pretty good! In fact, your local community newspapers should also be one of your very first steps on the road to marketing because the success rate is so high.

If you’re thinking this sounds like a lot of work . . . You’re right! But the results can make it worthwhile if you have the patience to do it correctly. Success typically comes down to perseverance and contacting the right people at the right time.

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