Your Audiobook: Shout about It from the Rooftop!

One of the best ways to promote an audiobook is, not surprisingly, by sharing audio from it. Fortunately, when you publish your audiobook with Outskirts Press, we create a five-minute retail sample for you. Then, while we upload it to sales partners like Amazon, Audible, and iTunes on your behalf, we also give you your audio clips so you can share them whenever and wherever you like.

Having your sample on Amazon and iTunes will carry most of your marketing weight, but there are other outlets you can pursue. Among them: YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, and TikTok—and here’s a bit about getting each one to work for you and your book.


The best way to use your audio sample clip on YouTube is to incorporate it in a book video. If you already have a book video and some essential editing software, you’re 90% done. And if your book video doesn’t have any sound, you’re 95% done. If it does have sound, use your editing software to separate the audio track from the video track and then lay your audiobook track down onto the video instead. Rarely will the length of the audiobook track and the video match, so you’ll need to be creative to bring them in sync. Once you’re happy with your new audiobook video, upload it to your YouTube channel and other various video platforms.

If you do not have a book video, the easiest solution is to get one by clicking here. Or you can create a “video” by simply using a still image of your book as a static image for the video length of your audiobook sample. Alternatively, and preferably, you could use your smartphone and a small tripod and record yourself reading your book. Now, that’s an audiobook sample that any YouTuber can enjoy!

In either case, don’t forget to take full advantage of the description field when uploading your video by making sure to include links to your author webpage and your product sales page on Amazon. Then people can buy your audiobook (or your hard copy alternatives if they prefer).


The easiest way to promote your audiobook on Facebook is to use the same video you created for YouTube. Then upload it to your Facebook page! But, again, don’t forget to include the necessary purchase links, so your friends, family, and followers can easily find your audiobook and purchase it.


SoundCloud, which indie musicians know well, is also a hot place for indie authors. Create an account and upload your audiobook retail sample. You can also upload an accompanying image—try the cover of your book. Then complete the rest of the upload form, including the book’s title, the author’s name, and the narrator’s name. Like YouTube and Facebook, use the “Description” field to include links to your author webpage and Amazon product sales page.


More than one billion people use TikTok, watching and posting short videos. These people include authors and readers, and it may be time you check this newest and fast-growing resource. Using the skills you’ve been developing to blend your audio clip with images and videos, and taking inspiration from other authors, start playing on TikTok.

Are YOU ready to publish YOUR masterpiece? If so, click here to experience full-service, custom self-publishing the way it should be . . . at Outskirts Press. We are here to serve you.

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