Publishing Tip: Look at the whole picture from the very beginning (plus great gifts for you!)

Think about what you do when you go to a restaurant, and you’re starving. Do you order just an appetizer when the server comes by, or do you order a starter and an entrée because you already know you want—and need—a full meal? You should do the same thing when it comes to starting your book on its publishing journey.

Our Ultimate Black & White and Full-Color publishing packages offer the FULL meal. And now, we’re making it easier—and more affordable—to dig in!

Save hundreds instantly with 15% off an Ultimate or Full-Color package. Plus, receive TWICE as many free author copies AND an Amazon Kindle edition of your book! All told, you’ll save a lot of money!

Simply order your Ultimate Black & White or Full-Color publishing package and enter promotion code fiftndblbk at checkout to save 15% instantly and claim your powerful freebies.

Connect with a Publishing Consultant today to learn how Outskirts Press can help you publish your masterpiece.

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