Introducing Self-Publishing Author Phillippe W. Bryant’s Book Video Trailer for “INITIUM”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for INITIUM (published by Outskirts Press, June 2021), by Phillippe W. Bryant.

Did the Biblical God Have a Beginning?

INITIUM: SELF-GENESIS OF GOD is a revelatory bombshell that no serious theologian, philosopher, scientist, or minister of the faith can ignore. This fascinating paper reveals the primordial self-genesis of God before He created the Universe. Surprisingly new aspects of His Divine Anatomy have also been unveiled. This knowledge, of His fearful Anatomy, will clearly show that God is the definitive “Rosetta Stone Paradigm” that lends insight into truth itself, the animate nature of life, and even the causal mechanics that explain the Universe. Exploring the mystery of God’s historic origins has ironically revealed the Key to understanding the future. These astonishing insights and observations are soundly explained by “the Holy Bible [KJV].” As intended by the Creator, mankind can once again partake of the special knowledge and enlightenment that can only come from realization of the Divine.

Phillippe W. Bryant

Phillippe W. Bryant had a life-changing epiphany at St. John’s University as a college freshman. In an introductory philosophy course titled “Man and Nature,” God was metaphysically referred to as “The Prime Mover.” This most intriguing discussion started Phillippe on a quest to understand and know the biblical God. The fruit of this quest has manifested in the founding of Principia DivineTM (, a nontraditional teaching platform that allows for a candid study of God unfettered by pseudo theology, man-made doctrines, and false religion.

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