Introducing Self-Publishing Author An Ecumenical Anthology’s Book Video Trailer for “Transforming Eucharist”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for Transforming Eucharist (published by Outskirts Press, January 2021), by An Ecumenical Anthology.

COVID-19 has changed everything, including how, and even if, we meet Christ at the Communion table. Spiritual leaders are wrestling with how to feed the souls of God’s people while keeping the body of Christ healthy and safe. As a gift to the Church, this collective of cutting-edge Christian leaders, ministers, and scholars invites you to witness our struggle and join us in:

• Asking hard theological questions;

• Offering practical, real-life solutions rooted in different traditions;

• Casting a prophetic vision amid challenging and changing realities.

We never expected to face this future, and the good news is, none of us has to face it alone. Together, we can still come to the table in response to Christ’s invitation: “Do this in remembrance of me.” Are you in?

An Ecumenical Anthology

You don’t want to miss this cutting-edge book featuring the following authors, representing diverse Christian traditions and perspectives: Rev. Dr. Joseph L. Boysel, Diana Butler Bass, Ph.D., Rev. Dr. Mindy Johnson-Hicks, Katie Kuntz-Wineland, M.Div., Rev. Steve North, Rev. Wil Ranney, Kurt Struckmeyer, Professor Deanna Thompson, Ph.D.

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