Introducing Self-Publishing Author Deirdre Breakenridge Skrobola & Mark Skrobola’s Book Video Trailer for “Grandpa Don’t Worry”

Announcing the Self Publishing News  premiere of the book video trailer for Grandpa Don’t Worry (published by Outskirts Press, June 2021), by Deirdre Breakenridge Skrobola & Mark Skrobola.

A Message from a Very Special Visitor

One night, Ashley-Ann receives a very special visit from her friend, an angel named Noelle. In a series of whispers, Ashley-Ann hears from Noelle important messages that she needs to share with her grandpa. Through Noelle, Ashley-Ann discovers that sometimes her grandpa worries. He wants Ashley-Anne to understand family values, which include love, strength, caring, and kindness. Knowing that Ashley-Ann learns about these “Loving Lessons” from Noelle makes her grandpa very happy. With these caring messages, children and families can explore feelings and values together, and what it means to be kind to each other. This insightful story is sure to be a favorite among readers of all ages.

Deirdre Breakenridge Skrobola & Mark Skrobola

After experiencing a family tragedy, Mark and Deirdre set out on a journey to share a global message of hope and heartfelt purpose. They wanted parents and children to discover the true meaning of the word “feel” and to embrace all of the feelings that bind families and loved ones together. With this story inspired by Mark’s daughter and Deirdre’s stepdaughter, Noelle, they share why “feel” is one of the most important words to explore. Families can witness the beauty that comes from kindness, truth, and the love of a child. Grandpa, Don’t Worry is a reminder of what is most precious in life … your children and how they feel.

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