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From the Edge of Empire: A Memoir

by Ian Hume

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Ian Hume’s “From the Edge of Empire: A Memoir” is an eyewitness account of a life’s journey through the Winds of Change in Southern Africa, Eastern Europe and the United States. When Ian Hume, a young Rhodesian Army captain, decided in 1963 not to fight the oncoming war over majority rule, he left the army and the country to study in Cape Town, his future unknown. Later, he was invited back home to help prepare Rhodesia’s transition to Zimbabwe. He finds himself living through the very war that he earlier tried to avoid. Much to his regret, the transition in his native Zimbabwe leads, ultimately, to devastation and catastrophe. He regrets the outcomes in the country he left. He describes a different path to majority rule his countrymen could have taken. Had they done so, both the war as well as the brutality, corruption and devastation of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe could well have been avoided.

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