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Real Help For Plantar Fasciitis

by Dr. Pete Moncado, DC

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Dr. Pete Moncado, DC’s “Real Help For Plantar Fasciitis.” Finally…real help for those plagued by plantar fasciitis! Do your feet hurt and you don’t know why? Do you have issues with your shoes that cause your feet to hurt at the end of the day? Have you given up running or wearing high heels, or had to cut back on your favorite sport? There is an alternative to drugs and surgery that actually works. If you’ve tried everything but still have pain from plantar fasciitis—inflammation of the tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes—this book will show you how to find relief without simply masking the pain. This book contains a wealth of information to minimize your suffering with sound, proven solutions. Dr. Pete Moncado, a chiropractor for over twenty-two years, has developed an application of specific protocols and techniques that has close to 100 percent success rate with patients suffering foot pain or plantar fasciitis. He brings this treatment to readers everywhere in his book.

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