Introducing Self-Publishing Author Nick Weber ’s Book Video Trailer for “Recess Time”

Announcing the Self-Publishing News premiere of the book video trailer for Recess Time (Published by Outskirts Press, December 2019), by Nick Weber.

“A profound, vital and human delight.” -Kevin Curdt, Courtroom Clerk, Santa Clara Co. Superior Court, San Jose, CA

This eloquent collection of 13 loosely connected essays covers topics from God to gifts, with plenty of help along the way from Einstein, Chopin, Picasso, and even the great Ringling clown Lou Jacobs. The author’s 80 years of memories—from priestly ministry as a former Jesuit, professional acting, and over two decades of circus performance—visit this playful jaunt, as connections are made bearing on the art of life itself. Nick Weber brings an inquisitive and disciplined mind to this often festive romp through recall and celebration.

“Nick Weber has shown that even the sacred is potentially humorous.” —Daniel Kendall, S.J., Professor of Theology, University of San Francisco, CA

“Words that are dense but accessible, strident but poetic, completely authentic.” —Judith Gillespie, Chair, Theology Department, Divine Savior Holy Angels High School, Milwaukee, WI

“A primer for any person serious about becoming.” —Carlo Pellegrini, Co-founder, Amazing Grace Circus, circus producer, director, choreographer, Nyack, NY

Nick Weber

Nick Weber brings his playfulness as a professional clown and eight decades of memories to Recess Time. Here he creates a free space allowing new connections between those memories. With graduate degrees in theater and theology, his chief concerns in these essays focus on how his past can serve the future. Mr. Weber is also the author of The Circus that Ran Away with a Jesuit Priest and Shakespeare with Hearing Aids.

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