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suyl-bannerThe “Show Us Your Love” campaign is going strong as it enters its sixth year, and we here at Outskirts Press couldn’t be more proud to host this phenomenal event yet again–and to celebrate the good, hard work our authors have been doing as they put together their videos for this year’s competition.

Last year, we had a bumper crop of video submissions. They were spectacular creations, each one–you guessed it! — a true labor of love. The votes came pouring in, and the front-runners were neck-and-neck through the final weeks of the competition. And when the chips fell as they might, as chips often do, our friends and followers on social media had voted for Rebekah Tyne McKamie’s video. McKamie, author of The Snow Fence, demonstrated a keen sense of what might appeal to voters, and a deft hand with the medium. It was clear from her brief video that she was eager to participate in a community which upheld her many fellow members as loved and appreciated.

As we move into the voting stages of our 2017 competition, we wanted to cast a glance back at the fine work done by McKamie and our other contestants in 2016. You can find the top three videos from last year here, below, as inspiration and affirmation for you as you put together your own videos to, you guessed it, “Show Us Your Love”!

The due date to submit your video for this year’s contest is Friday, February 17th. You can submit yours in an .mp4 or .mov format by email to, after which we will share it across our social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. For more information and a full set of contest rules, see our recent blog post on this subject.

We look forward to receiving and promoting your submissions!

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