Show Your Book a Little Love This Month With $300 in Spending Money!


Once upon a time, you wrote a book. And you decided, upon writing this book, that you wanted to self-publish. In exploring your options, you found your way here to us at Self-Publishing News and Outskirts Press, a community of self-publishing authors and experts who support each other in pursuing the dream to self-publish successfully. What better way to express our love and support for you and your books–as well as, yes, our deep-seated desire to be your choice in self-publishing company–than by offering you $300 to use on upgrades and options for your book?

Whether you’re new to self-publishing or well on your way to amassing a portfolio of publications, $300 can go a long way towards making your dream a reality. You can use this free gift, available only during the month of February, to purchase or pay down any pre-production options, including editing, custom cover design, time with a Personal Marketing Assistant, eBook editions, promotional materials, custom illustrations, and much more!

How do you make yourself eligible for this promotion? Simply purchase a signature Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing package from Outskirts Press during the month of February and enter the promotion code 300Feb17 at checkout. Your money will be automatically applied to your account, and you can spend it however you choose in order to best tailor your self-publishing experience to your needs.

So! Are you ready to bring your publishing goals within reach? There’s no better time than now, during February 2017! If you’ve been dreaming of seeing your book manifest in print, take advantage of the $300 celebratory promotion at Outskirts Press–and soon!

For more information, visit us online at, where you can find all of our available publishing and marketing offerings and chat live with a Publishing Consultant, or call us at 1-888-672-6657 to speak directly with a Publishing Consultant.

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3 thoughts on “Show Your Book a Little Love This Month With $300 in Spending Money!

  1. I am looking for someone that I can work closely together with on putting a book out there that people can relate to today for change and insperation in their lives. I hope that that is you guys.

  2. Reading through most comments, I discoverd you have achieve greatly for indepence authors and publishers. I will be very glad to publish and sell my numerious books through your platform.Thanks.

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