Thank You for Being You, Authors. And Thank You for Being Ours, Too.

thankfulSometimes we resist sentimentality around the holiday season because we feel as if everything worth saying has been said before, but we at Outskirts Press firmly believe that the truth is worth telling, and re-telling, especially at a time of year when the hectic nature of our private lives can distract us from what’s really important: our friends and families. You, as one of our treasured authors, are both friend and family—and we want to make sure you know just how much we appreciate you this Thanksgiving. Your business, your support, and yes, your friendship are the rock solid foundation upon which we have built a company around the idea that your stories are the cornerstone of an energetic, radical, world-changing phenomenon.

In celebration of you and all that you do, we wanted to highlight some of the authors who have published through Outskirts Press in recent years. These authors are, like the books they produce, representatives of a vibrant and diverse community engaged in storytelling, and we are so excited that they—and you—have chosen us to come alongside you throughout the self-publishing process. Here are a few quotes from our Author Representatives on some of their favorite experiences:

“Stuart Crane’s writing is award-worthy,” writes one Representative about the England-based author whose latest work, Farmer David: The Dunster Show has become beloved by all. “The illustrations are amazing!” Crane brings his characters to life and infuses them with all the energy and vitality of his current community in San Diego, as well as the beauty characteristic of his own English countryside roots.

If your taste runs more to inspirational adult literature, Exie Wilde Henson and her book Laurel’s Choices have inspired this testament from her own Representative: “She was, hands-down, one of my favorite authors to work with. She was so sweet and professional and allowed me to guide her through the [self-publishing] process with ease; I wish Exie the absolute best on her current book and her future ventures!”

Speaking of future ventures, this cookbook from Terry Lee Madere—Recipes of a Cajun—inspired lavish praise from his team at Outskirts Press. Says one Representative, “I was hungry just looking at this book!” Madere’s book contains, to paraphrase that same advocate, down-home recipes full of flavor. “Damn the diet,” the review ends—“and full speed ahead!”

For those of you looking for a great picture book to add to your holiday shopping list, you can’t go wrong with B.J. Loyd’s The Wishing Well, which our Author Representatives describe as containing “a message for all ages.” Said one Representative, “I loved working with this author, and I ordered a copy for my grandkids as soon as it was published.”

Or perhaps you’ll be touched and moved as much as we were by the picture book collaboration between Rhoda Leavitt and Sue Alsup, Our Gypsy Neighbors. Says their Representative, “The illustrations are done in watercolors,” making it “one of the prettiest books” we’ve had the pleasure of working on.

Rounding out our holiday picks for the kids’ corner, Barbara Cefalu’s ongoing series—The Adventures of Patty-Cat and Kittle and The Further Adventures of Patty-Cat and Kittle—carry on the lively tradition of Beatrix Potter and other animal-loving children’s authors. Says her Representative, her “kittens will knock your socks off with their engaging antics,” making her series “a must-read for any grandparent to a grandchild.” And holidays are for spending with family, after all!

Meanwhile, branching out into the realm of spiritual books, the legacy of Dr. T. Charles Brantley endures and eclipses many others. Dr. Brantley, with twenty books already published through Outskirts Press and more no doubt on the way, has, according to his Outskirts team, “not only published the most books with Outskirts Press, but his topics are very timely and applicable to real people with real questions.” Even just a sampling of his books should include such gems as Successful Marriages for Successful Men, Further Than Jabez: Come Against Selfishness Within the Body of Christ, Return to the Garden of Eden, and the popular League of Modern-Day Superheroes.

Last but certainly not least, we round out our list with Lenny Pollara’s We Will Never Forget, a work which inspired his Representative to say that he “epitomizes the true American Spirit of Heroism through his poetry,” and if that’s not enough to persuade you to pick up a copy of his pithy volume, perhaps its beautiful cover and the author’s legacy and fidelity to authentic representation of some truly devastating realities of life.

As you might have gathered, our wonderful team of Author Representatives are continually impressed with the authors who choose to publish through us at Outskirts Press, not to mention the quality of the finished products. We hope you’ll take a moment to celebrate our wonderful authors alongside us this Thanksgiving season, and maybe even take a chance on picking up one of their books for the upcoming gift-giving season to come!

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