Take In the Sights—And the Sales—With a Virtual Book Tour!

Book tours are a globetrotter’s dream: ticking off your “to-visit” list with new places to explore and new audiences to rivet, your face and your book featured in local newspapers and on bookstore shelves. The benefits of a book tour are irrefutable for the intrepid author! The more promotional events you attend, the more potential readers you will reach, and the more books you will sell. These are the facts that keep the traditional publisher’s book tour alive.

Only … you’re not a traditional author. And in one item of good news—truly splendid news!—we at Outskirts Press might just have the solution that balances your budgetary needs with the benefits of a global book tour. The world has a lot to offer you, and we’re here to help you keep pace. Not only do we offer the opportunity to participate in various book fairs at home and abroad—allowing you to make good on your book’s physical presence, just as traditionally published authors do—but we now offer a Dramamine-free option: a Virtual Book Tour! Like some of our favorite news anchors, you could conduct your virtual book tour while wearing sweatpants and house slippers.


Should you choose to partner with us at Outskirts Press, we will work together to announce your plans to the blogosphere and solicit bloggers directly to bring them on board. We help you book your tour schedule and lock in the times during which you’ll conduct interviews on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms—as well as set up Twitter chats, blog features, and so on. We will send you a Virtual Book Tour Packet and forward all queries we receive on your behalf, keeping you in the loop as we blast news of your tour to Outskirts Press’ own social network and website. Our followers on these platforms will follow your progress. Essentially, we take the hard work—the research, outreach, and promotion—out of the process and leave you free to enjoy all of the benefits! And since we’re well aware that you must always balance your needs against your budget, we’re offering this packet at a cost-effective rate.

Because your book tour is hosted entirely online, it becomes a permanent part of your digital presence. This has its immediate effects and appeals, of course, but think about this: every time a potential reader searches for your name or your book’s title online, every stop on your Virtual Book Tour—every blog post, comment on Facebook, Twitter hashtag, or YouTube video—will crop up in the list of results. Every time that readers sees your name, they’re just a little more likely to buy your book … and that’s the kind of lasting promotional advantage that will keep providing returns on your investment as long as the internet remains, well, the internet.

Outskirts Press is here to make your life—and your work—easier. We’re here to answer your questions, and we encourage you to drop on by the Outskirts Press website and check out our Virtual Book Tour package for more information.

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