Put the Spook Back in Halloween With This One-Day Flash Sale!


You’ve never seen this before. It’s hard to believe your eyes. Rising from the mists that obscure the October landscape … a deal. A deal so staggeringly unusual, so profoundly impactful, that you’re pretty sure you must be dreaming. But no, that curtain of cobwebs above your bed is real, that prickle of anticipation is real, and the details are so perfectly aligned that you finally have to admit … that there’s never been a better time to purchase a One-Click Publishing suite as well as an Ultimate or Full Color Publishing package from Outskirts Press! (For real, though, you should get out the dusting wand and get rid of those cobwebs. That’s just nightmare fuel.)

If you’ve spent much time on the Outskirts Press website or talking with one of our excellent Publishing Consultants, you’re probably aware of our One-Click Publishing suites and all that they have to offer. From professional copyediting to custom cover design, from an author webpage to social media integration, and from free author copies to international distribution through Ingram, Amazon, and a whole host of other sources…well, the One-Click suites are unmatched in their offerings! You’ll receive one-on-one author support as well as our famous Book Marketing RoadMap, Marketing COACH, custom press release and PR publicist campaign, book trailer, and five hours with one of our highly experienced Personal Marketing Assistants. The list goes on! Other self-publishing companies might offer some good services, but there’s simply no other option out there as comprehensive as this service. And if you’re looking for specificity over comprehensive, our Ultimate and Full-Color Publishing packages are likewise unmatched by anything you’ll see elsewhere.

But—money. We’re realistic; we know that self-publishing can be expensive, and that many of our authors are forced to make hard choices for financial reasons. And while our suites and packages offer incredible value in proportion to cost, courtesy of the economies of scale, they’re still more than some authors can afford. Which is why, when push comes to shove, we’re overjoyed to offer deals like the one you’re about to learn more about—putting quality services within reach for every author is one of our all-time top priorities.

This Halloween, Outskirts Press will be offering a twelve-hours-only Flash Sale of $500 USD towards the purchase of any of our One-Click Publishing suites, including our popular Non-Fiction, Fiction, Children’s, and Spiritual suites, as well as a concurrent Flash Sale of $250 USD towards the purchase of either our Ultimate or our Full Color Publishing packages. And like all good things, this sale is a brief and transient thing, so memorize the date—October 31st—and the hours—8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Mountain Time Zone—during which this offer will be valid and our Publishing Consultants on call. Remember, too, the promo code—Save500Flash for One-Click Publishing suites and Save250Flash for Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing packages—and the fact that this code will deduct a not-insignificant amount from the total cost of your option of choice! It might just be the difference between a comprehensive set of services at Outskirts and a bare-bones basic service somewhere else, so we encourage you to investigate further by visiting us online at www.OutskirtsPress.com/oneclick.html, calling us at 888-672-6657 (OP-BOOKS), or communicating with one of our staff using the live chat option on our website.

Let’s face it: dressing up and stealing handfuls of candy out of those plastic pumpkins brings only a temporary kind of satisfaction, complete with a sugar coma and stomachache the day after. Wouldn’t you rather spend the spookiest day of the year investing in years of future fulfillment as an author? Halloween doesn’t have to be all fun and games. It can be a day where you make one of the most serious—and significant—decisions of your life.

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