Top “World Animal Remembrance” Books

Tomorrow kicks off World Animal Remembrance Month on September 1st, a time to pay tribute to, and honor, our passed animal loved ones. Yesterday’s post introduced two Outskirts Press EVVY-Award-winning authors for whom this is a subject near and dear to their hearts.  Congratulations, Marie-Yolaine Williams and Ellen Freeman!   This coming Saturday and Sunday we will interview each of them on this blog, respectively.

Both authors are donating a portion of their royalties to the animal care organizations of their choice.  And Outskirts Press has donated $1000 to the Denver chapter of the Dumb Friends League. If you wish to donate, you can see more details here.

Outskirts Press loves animals, and so do our authors! Today we recognize a dozen more Outskirts Press books that honor and pay tribute to our animal friends in recognition of World Animal Remembrance Month:

2 thoughts on “Top “World Animal Remembrance” Books

  1. I enjoyed seeing this list with my book listed. Thanks for the recognition. Congratulations to the two award winning authors. I hope to join that circle one day.
    I forwarded the list to the administrator at Houston Vet Tech Institute to share with his students.
    Gracie Bradford, Author
    Lady Bird: Shawn’s Sixth Sense

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