Time is ticking to save on publishing this August

hourglassIt can’t be the end of August already, can it?

This last month has gone by in a blur at Outskirts Press.  In the last few weeks, we’ve extended four amazing offers to our authors and, as a result, we’ve expanded our family of satisfied, professionally-published (and often award-winning) authors.
But there’s always room for more.

We’ve edited memoirs, created custom covers for novels, worked with our writers on formatting the interiors they’ve dreamed of, and listened to countless goals and aspirations as our clients publish their passion projects.

And while our authors are excited about their future, we’re honored that they’ve chosen us to join them and help them along on their journeys.  It’s so rewarding to read their reactions when they hold their published books in their hands for the first time.

That’s why we do it.

So, last chance!  From today until August 31st you will be able to benefit from ANY of the promotions we have offered this month:

“But I’m not ready,” you might be saying.  “My manuscript isn’t finished!”

We understand.  And it’s okay. We help writers all the time who haven’t quite completed their book.  By purchasing one of these amazing packages now, you’ll lock in your price for when you ARE finished. That package and our staff will be waiting for you when you type “The End” and close your manuscript with satisfaction.

That’s right.  We’ll wait for you.

But this offer won’t.

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