Find Your Niche in the Barnes & Noble NOOK Books Store!

There are e-readers, and then, there are e-readers for the discerning tech-hungry investor, and there’s no better e-reader around than the Barnes & Noble NOOK, touted by CNET as “Editor’s Choice” after its premier in 2010 and named “Best e-Ink Reader” the following year. And over the last five years — years which saw the rise and fall of the Kobo, the Bookeen, and any number of other dedicated e-reader technologies — the NOOK has not just stuck around but successfully carved out its place in the name of bringing beautiful ebooks to NOOK Books online store. But there’s a catch! Only books that have been submitted in such a way as to satisfy the website’s requirements and preserve their formatting through the process are made available through NOOK Books for readers to purchase and enjoy.

So how do you, a self-publishing author, make the leap over those hurdles? And what does publishing through NOOK Books mean for you?

The first question is easy to answer: Outskirts Press will take care of the details for you! All you have to do is purchase the Barnes & Noble NOOK Edition service through our website, and our capable staff will get in touch with you. After that, we will convert your files for access through NOOK Books, all the while ensuring that the integrity of your book is protected.

The second question is more difficult to answer — not because the benefits are hard to describe, but because there are so many of them that it’s impossible to fit them all into one or two paragraphs! By making your book available through NOOK Books, you’re not just opening up a new potential market of future readers who own NOOKs, but you’re making your book accessible to pretty much anyone with a digital device since NOOK Books files can be accessed through the NOOK app on Apple and Android devices, as well as on the Kindle Fire — ostensibly a competitor.

The list of benefits goes on and on. (And on.) Barnes & Noble takes a small share of the profits from your book, but you retain all of the royalties — and your substantial share is deposited directly into your checking account without any middle management. Once Outskirts Press uploads your file to the NOOK Books store for you, we touch none of your money! Publishing through NOOK Books is a democratic choice, too, since NOOK books often sell for lower retail prices than other online distributors, and authors are more likely to take a chance and buy books written by new or unfamiliar authors. And because NOOK purchases are stored in the Cloud, readers can access their purchased files no matter where they are in the world, and no matter what device they’re using at the time.

This kind of revolutionary technology is one you absolutely must take advantage of. Click here to get started to learn more about the magic our staff can work by placing your book in the NOOK Books store!

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