Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Elwood Gene Edwards

At Outskirts Press, Inc., we take great pride in celebrating the work of our successful self-publishing authors, aauthor (13)nd we do so each week through our Self-Publishing Author Spotlight. This week we highlight self-publishing author Elwood Gene Edwards , who has published four successful titles with Outskirts Press.

Learn more about Elwood, his accomplishments, and his published works through this week’s Self-Publishing Author Spotlight.

About the Author:

Dr. Elwood Gene Edwards is a retired educator, poet, and author. He was featured in Who’s Who Among American Teachers, Who’s Who in the East, and Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, and he is a member of The New York Academy of Sciences.


perf5.500x8.500.inddRide Beyond The Restless Darkness

Ride Beyond The Restless Darkness gives readers a glimpse into the “old” black west. In 1868, Brackettville, Texas, was a wild and dangerous place for most men. A haven for many undesirables, the town drew all manner of drifters, lowlife, and gunmen from every corner of the surrounding territories. Brackettville was wild and dangerous for most men, but for a Black man, this place was the doorway to Hell. The book follows Johnson Able, who drifted into Texas two years earlier. As a runaway slave from Alabama, Johnson had taken flight one moonless night to escape the Pope Plantation and pursue his own destiny. Rejected and scorned by society, he headed West—but his quest for a new life presented trials and tribulations he’d never imagined.

An elegant and powerful novel, Ride Beyond the Restless Darkness explores the role African Americans played in westward expansion and the settlement of the West. It also tells the story of one man’s determination to survive in a hostile land…with his pioneer spirit and values intact and his heart open to possibility.

Product details…
Format: 5.5 x 8.5 paperback white, 143 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jan 31, 2014)
ISBN10: 1478727780
ISBN13: 9781478727781
Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

cover (50)The Philosopher’s Tears: Volume I

The Philosopher’s Tears is an assemblage of love poems of the heart, mind, and spirit. These poems explore reflections, inward journeys, gratitude, and the meaning and impact of love relationships at different life stages—elucidating nuggets of wisdom which help us to transform, to evolve, to live and to love the life we were intended to live. With themes of friendship, love, and faith, The Philosopher’s Tears is a lively collection of lighthearted yet inspirational poetry that will resonate with your spirit and awaken you to the possibilities of joy.

Product details..
Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream, 104 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Jan 28, 2015)
ISBN10: 1478741678
ISBN13: 9781478741671
Genre: POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Inspirational & Religious


cover (52)The Philosopher’s Tears Annotated Reflections: Volume II

Tears are golden beams of liquid sunshine, flowing from within our heart and soul, and they speak to us with crystal clarity, revealing that within us lies hidden treasure. Whether of unbearable grief, sorrow, joy, humor, or uncontrollable laughter, every tear is a harbinger of ineffable, untold love. It is this love that makes us aware of who we truly are and sensitizes us, enabling us to empathize and anticipate the needs of others. Tears, therefore, are reflections—reminders to love one another, for we travel this human journey down the path to love in the image of one another.

The Philosopher’s Tears Annotated Reflections: Volume II is a collection of poems and poetic writing of an autobiographical nature. Each selection serves as a rubric to the reader in garnering the essence of love relationships. Through the “teary eyes” of poetic imagery, the reader is encouraged, motivated, and inspired to look within, and to reexamine the life one is truly living.

Product details…
Format: 6 x 9 paperback white, 143 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (May 14, 2015)
ISBN10: 1478753730
ISBN13: 9781478753735
Genre: POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Inspirational & Religious

cover (51)Smiling Eyes Shine Brighter

Smiling eyes are filled with warmth and brightness. They reflect the positive energy within, triggering feelings of loving-kindness, joy, and a sense of well-being. Smiling eyes are eyes of love. Like music and poetry, they have the ability to excite the heart and soothe the soul.

This uplifting poetry collection captures the loving gaze of smiling eyes with poems full of energy and spirit, rich in compassion and care. With themes of love, relationships, and self- awareness, the poems offer readers opportunities to reconnect with their inner child of the past. Awaken your soul to the joy of Smiling Eyes Shine Brighter.


Product details…
Format: 6 x 9 paperback white, 185 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Feb 28, 2016)
ISBN10: 1478767014
ISBN13: 9781478767015
Genre: POETRY / Subjects & Themes / Inspirational & Religious

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