Self-Publishing Author Spotlight: Ronald Montgomery

We take great pride in celebrating the work of our successful self-publishing authors, and we do so each week through our Self-Publishing Author Spotlight. This week we highlight self-publishing author Ronald Montgomery, who has published five titles with Outskirts Press.

Ronald Montgomery reaches out with his writing to a broad spectrum of readers. He paints life’s events with words that enrapture the mind and capture the imagination. Learn more about Montgomery and where he became inspired through this week’s Self-Publishing Author Spotlight.

author (2)About the Author:

A Saint Louis native and father of two, Ronald Montgomery is an observer and student of human condition. Montgomery’s poetry captures poignant events conjured up by life while his style of writing, much like a camera, captures the emotions, tragedy and joys of living single moments in time. Through his lens, he has a clear view of life’s stages.  Montgomery uses words in a way that captures emotions through poems.  Montgomery offers his readers insight and wit that hides in plain view, between lines of his cleverly spun verse.


cover (1)Tears of a Rose

With “Tears of a Rose”, Ronald Montgomery transports the reader on a journey to rediscover voices of nearly forgotten emotions. In his poems, love, beauty friendship and pain are more than concepts, as they move the reader through memories and allows the reader to discover dust-covered feelings. Each poem speaks to the reader’s senses and gives voice to memories that are hidden, but not forgotten.  In his writing, Ronald continually changes perspective as he takes the reader on journeys to explore the human condition and self-discovery.

Product details…
Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream, 92 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Apr 07, 2007)
ISBN10: 1432704923
ISBN13: 9781432704926
Genre: POETRY / General

cover (2)Escape from Cape Coast Castle

During the years that slavery thrived, an estimated 12-25 million men, women and children were stolen from the continent of Africa with many spending their last days in the bowels of Cape Coast Castle. The Cape symbolizes a prison that caged the minds, hearts and spirits of these slaves, and their descendants. The prison that  Montgomery explores with the reader is not Cape Coast Castle nor is it the bowels of great ships; instead, he delves into the experiences of souls held captive by anger, passion and pain, on a journey that chronicles his study of the human condition.

Throughout “Escape from Cape Coast Castle”, Montgomery writes of his own experiences, and then expands to include stories of those who have influenced his perceptions of what life has to offer. In his poetry, he transports the reader on a journey of self-discovery. Exercising what seems an unfettered imagination and practiced storytelling skills, he captures life’s nuanced experiences and explores the hidden recesses of the heart.

Product details…
Format: 7.4 x 9.7 paperback, 68 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Aug 06, 2007)
ISBN10: 1432708244
ISBN13: 9781432708245
Genre: POETRY / General

cover (3)PSALM of the Heart-Fortress

Montgomery describes “PSALM of the Heart-Fortress” as more than a collection of poems and love songs, but more as a safe haven for the heart.

Montgomery provides a wide breath of experiences ranging from the spiritual to worldly. The message is about the growth that occurs at the deepest most intimate levels, and provides a common understanding of metaphors and analogies that describe the individual joys and pains of living “here” in our respective skins.

Product details…
Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream, 92 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Mar 20, 2008)
ISBN10: 1432710737
ISBN13: 9781432710736
Genre: POETRY / General

cover (4)Rare Flowers in Life’s Garden

Through “Rare Flowers in Life’s Garden”, Montgomery allows the reader to explore how he or she is frequently caught off guard by the events that life delivers. The poetry travels through life with the exploration of how rare and beautiful flowers have a way of appearing in the most austere and unexpected places. Montgomery believes that the proper response, if there is one, has got to be reverence and appreciation of God’s gifts. “Rare Flowers in Life’s Garden” also explores the fact that individuals sometimes appear as rare flowers in the lives of those with intersecting paths. “Rare Flowers in Life’s Garden” continues Montgomery’s artistic effort to share events, and emotions that have deep roots in reality and resonate with all his readers.

Product details…
Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream, 140 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Mar 12, 2008)
ISBN10: 1432710745
ISBN13: 9781432710743
Genre: POETRY / General

onlyloveOnly Love

In “Only Love”, Montgomery explores life’s pursuit through battles that are fought for a priceless jewel that can only be given – love. Once given, it transforms the giver and the recipient. The question is how willing are both to begin a transformation, a metamorphosis that can also reshape kingdoms and continents?  Readers can find the answer in Montgomery’s fifth piece of work – “Only Love”.

Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream, 80 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (Mar 20, 2008)
ISBN10: 1432710753
ISBN13: 9781432710750
Genre: POETRY / General

coverNo Turning Back

“No Turning Back” by Ronald Montgomery does for contemporary poetry what Gutenberg did for publishing.  His writing is a renaissance for narrative poetry that captures life experiences and makes them available to every reader. He goes a step further as he pushes the boundaries of life’s events to expose the connectedness of human desires for love and acceptance. His contemporary prose is well suited for readers of all ages and adeptly captures the human experience – from beginning to end, with explorations into theology and philosophies surrounding the human experience. His descriptions energize, erupt, stretch, bound and capture life in ways that few contemporary writers manage.  Montgomery pulls poetry from unreachable library shelves to make poetry’s descriptive lines, bedside and coffee-table-accessible. His most current work is a companion piece to his audio CD by the same name and is the sixth book in his poetry series.

“Being in fellowship with my readers is solemn.  We share life experiences and the energy that binds us together.” – Ronald Montgomery


Format: 8 x 10 economy color paperback, 94 pages
Publisher: Outskirts Press (May 09, 2014)
ISBN10: 147873339X
ISBN13: 9781478733393
Genre: POETRY / General

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