Author Poll: Writer Elise Koepke wants your help with her book cover

Elise Koepke is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And she wants your help with the book cover.

Since her father’s death, Savannah Morgan has considered herself a realist who doesn’t waste time with things like the supernatural or fairy tales. With no other family and a limited knowledge of her parents’ pasts, she makes the best of her life. Years later at the age of sixteen, she is given her mother’s cherished locket when her mother passes away from an abnormally rapid Leukemia. Orphaned, alone, and more cynical than ever, Savannah moves in with her parents’ closest friends miles from her home. It is there that she opens the locket and discovers a portal to an enchanted world where a kingdom lies in peril. A war is about to erupt and the general is unreachable on the other side of the Mysterious Forest, which no solider will cross. There has only ever been one other time in the kingdom’s history when such an event has occurred…eighteen years ago when the only person brave enough to save it was her mother. Savannah’s black and white beliefs are soon challenged as she agrees to help the kingdom, unknowingly getting herself into more than she bargained for, including a rediscovery of her imagination and passion for life. Along the way she faces many obstacles including vicious ogres, temperamental pixies, and a prince in disguise who may just show her that it’s alright to believe in the make-believe.

Elise Koepke is a first time author and an avid reader. The Locket was written when she was eleven years old and has been an almost ten-year quest to get published. In that ten years she has performed in various school and community theater productions, graduated high school with high distinction, and modeled for Keen Modeling Agency. Now, she attends college in Rochester, NY, studying to be a clinical psychologist with her boyfriend Charlie, also studying psychology. She hopes to write more books in the future and in the meantime will get her masters to be a marriage and family counselor.

Please take a look at two possible covers below then vote on the choice you recommend for Elise:

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One thought on “Author Poll: Writer Elise Koepke wants your help with her book cover

  1. I like the first one, but the cover looks too much like The Secret. I would go with the second. It’s original.

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