Top 7 Book Formatting Questions for Self-Publishing Authors

For new authors, properly and professionally formatting a book can be a bit overwhelming. There are many questions that arise in formatting a page:• Should I use double space or single space?

• Do I indent or do I leave a space between paragraphs?

• Should my manuscript include headers/footers?

• How should I number my pages?

• What should my page margins be?

• What font and font size will be easiest to read?

• What elements, other than the book content itself, should be included?

One would think that putting your own words, your own story, onto paper would be a simple matter of common sense, but as you can see, there’s much about conveying a tale on the printed page that requires more than instinct.Clear, consistent formatting creates a page that is visually appealing to readers. When formatted properly, a book should feel both familiar and fresh, and should be easy for readers to follow.There’s no need to fret about formatting when you publish with a high-quality, full-service publishing provider–book experts who know all the “rules” of book editing, formatting, publishing and marketing. A full-service publishing firm will work with you to make sure that you get what you want and achieve a book that meets all the requirements for easy readability. For instance, at Outskirts Press, standard professional interior formatting that meets high-end industry specifications for your genre is included with all our publishing packages.In addition to the main body of your book, you may want to include other standard book elements such as:

• Book Title Page

• Copyright Page

• Acknowledgement Page(s). You can use one acknowledgement page for copyright permissions and one for friends, family, mentors, etc.

• Dedication

• Table of Contents

• Forward

• Preface

• Introduction

• Glossary

• References

• Index

If you have specific ideas about your interior formatting, some self-publishing companies such as Outskirts Press offer optional and affordable Enhanced or Custom interior formatting options. Discuss these options with your Publishing Consultant now and you’ll be well on your way to becoming one of our next satisfied, award-winning authors. Click here to meet your own Publishing Consultant who will assist you personally.


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