Top 5 Book Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales This Summer

The first “official” day of summer was yesterday, June 20. Kids are out of school. Vacations are planned. How can you tap into this busy summer beach reading season?

Here are a few book marketing tips for finding new readers this summer:

Summer is Book Marketing Season!

1. Get involved on social media. You’ve been meaning to sign up for various social media accounts, but you can’t find the time to do so. Now is the time.

2. Build online credibility. People want to buy books from experts – this is especially true when it comes to non-fiction books. Readers want to feel confident in your knowledge. How can you break through to them? You can try a variety of techniques – including writing a article (or two), blogging, etc.

3. Update your online sales copy. A dry, boring listing will usually not fare well. You want your sales copy to “pop” and give readers a reason to buy your book. Consider updating your online sales copy.

4. Let readers “browse” your book online. The fun in visiting a bookstore or library is being able to “page through” the books that interest you. If you allow readers to satisfy that urge when they’re shopping online from the convenience of their home or office, you will have a greater chance of selling more copies of your book. Amazon Search Inside the Book and Barnes & Noble See Inside the Book are popular programs to consider.

5. Hire someone to do all of the “stuff” you don’t have time for. Everyone isn’t meant to be a plumber. As much as we’d like to unclog our own toilets, we may not be skilled beyond plunging. The same is true in book marketing. The good news is that there are professionals out there who can help us in the areas that we struggle. Don’t be too proud to get someone to help. The piece of mind and greater likelihood of success is worth its weight in gold.

Happy Marketing!

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