How Do You Make the Most of Marketing Efforts? Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

Trying to save money by taking on all your own marketing duties isn’t such a money savings after all, especially if you’re new to marketing.

“I could save hundreds of dollars on copywriting and marketing,” you theorize. “I’m a writer and a great communicator: I’ll just do it all myself.” Oh, if only it were as simple as that!

Theoretically, you could save thousands of dollars in car or home repairs, home improvements and landscaping as well, just by learning to do them yourself. However, when you do the math, you’ll discover quickly that the time and effort you put into learning a new skill and putting that learning into practice not only negates all potential savings but distracts you from other pursuits that are more suited to your inherent skills and interests.

Custom press releaseRemember, your time really is money, especially if writing is currently your sideline. Each hour you spend on marketing your book yourself is costing you one way or another. Perform this exercise: Determine how much each hour of your time is worth monetarily, whether it’s the average salary (remember to include the value of your benefits) of your day job or the rate you charge as a freelancer or consultant. Apply that rate to the amount of time it will take you to finish a given task, such as learning how to write a search-engine-optimized description for your Amazon Books page and then writing it, or writing and submitting optimized press releases.

Now consider that the same task could have been performed very effectively in a fraction of the time by a specialist with specific marketing expertise in that task. Because their experience allows them to complete the work more quickly, it’s usually less costly and will yield better results. So, you get a great product for less money, no effort and the odds of improving your books sales are greater? It’s a no-brainer!

But by far the most important benefit to delegating tasks is the freedom it provides. The more marketingPersonal marketing assistant (5 hours) duties you can put in the hands of trained marketing professionals, the more time you’ll have to:

  • Plan or write your next book
  • Network with other authors
  • Market your book at local outlets, where the author’s presence is meaningful
  • Boost sales through book signings
  • Take a break!

Delegate marketing services that are small but vital–they truly are small in the hands of an expert–and breathe easier. Talk to an Outskirts Press personal marketing assistant about the most cost-effective marketing options for you.

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