5 Ways Technology is Improving Self-Publishing

Publishing a book has become easier, largely due to improvements in technology. A process that would involve huge management overheard  and subsequently take over 6 months, can now be completed within a couple of months, and that too effectively.

  1. Cost-Effective Solution: Self-publishing is an affordable way to publish a book. Numerous would-be authors were previously discouraged to publish due to the excessive costs involved in writing, publishing and marketing their work. But now, technology can be leveraged to mass-produce books, thus reducing the cost impact on the author.
  2. Ease of implementation: Self publishing has become very easy to implement. Technology allows authors to concentrate on writing their books and novels, forwarding most of the other responsibilities on automated systems that track and assess everything from book marketing to book sales.
  3. Increased Exposure: These days, someone in Japan could be reading a self-published book written by an author from a remote town in the USA. As a self-publisher, all you have to do is submit your manuscript and it can be soon made available to many countries across the world.
  4. Learn and Improve: The internet provides a huge resource for benefiting from other’s experiences and knowing their life-story. Connecting with readers has become much simpler because of the internet, and many authors encourage feedback and increased participation from their readers.
  5. Publish Electronically: Perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to self-publish books, electronic publication allows your book to reach millions of ebook readers across the world. The margins in this segment of publishing are higher than traditional book-publishing.
So, what do you think? Share your experiences of how technology has simplified self-publishing for you! I would love to know!

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