Author Spotlight : Charlotte Endorf

Charlotte Endorf has been an author with Outskirts Press since 2005 and in that span of time has published eight books, including her most recent, My Wooden Spoon, which chronicles her eccentric, amazing journey as the Nebraska Mother of the Year!  This is another accomplishment in Charlotte’s impressive “professional platform” that also includes winning “Distinguished Toastmaster” twice and the “Toastmaster of the Decade” from Toastmasters International.

She inspires and educates audiences with professional talks designed to complement each of her many books, and is as generous as she is inspirational.  During this holiday season, Charlotte is leveraging her recent “Nebraska Mother of the Year” recognition to set up a “Little Free Library” in her town, which has a population of 291 but does not boast a library.

“An author living in a town without a library is just not right!” she strongly believes.

To join Charlotte and Outskirts Press in donating books or setting up your own Little Free Library, visit for more information. It’s a great cause during this holiday season (or any season, for that matter).

At Outskirts Press, our authors are what make us special, and Charlotte Endorf is a perfect example of that.  Charlotte, we’re amazed with everything you do. Keep it up!

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