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We need your help!Outskirts Press is about to launch a new service to help authors publish their books for the iPad/iPhone and distribute those e-books through the Apple iBookstore. With our online poll, please tell us which service you would value more as an Outskirts Press published author:

Option 1 – iPad/iPhone Edition with Standard iBookstore Distribution for $399

We will create an epub format of your book (which includes a unique ISBN, as required by Apple) and submit your e-book to Apple through our Outskirts Press account, meaning it would be published by Outskirts Press. You must set your e-book price between $4.99 and $9.99. For as long as your hardcopy edition is under contract with Outskirts Press, you would earn 50% net royalties. You would not receive the epub file.

Option 2 – iPad/iPhone Edition with ENHANCED iBookstore Distribution for $699

We will create an epub format of your book (including a unique Bowker-provided ISBN in YOUR name). The file will be submitted to Apple on your behalf, through your own iTunes Connect account at whatever price you set. You will be listed as the publisher. You would earn 100% net royalties. Your e-book would continue to be available through the iBookstore regardless of your hardcopy edition status with Outskirts Press. You would receive the epub file to pursue other ebook opportunities.

 The polling is closed. Thank you to everyone who shared their viewpoints.


Laura Rodela is originally from El Paso TX. She currently resides in Fort Worth, TX and is a proud mother of one. She enjoys volunteer work, traveling, writing, performing and blogging.”As a first time author I needed to work with a publishing company that was willing to help me navigate through the process. Outskirts Press did that for me and more. From the beginning my Author Rep was beyond helpful and encouraging.

The Marketing COACH is one of the best features of their services. The information I receive from the Marketing COACH is priceless.

I am in the process of writing my second book and I won’t hesitate to have Outskirts Press publish my book again. Thank you to the Outskirts Press team for their support and for helping me make my dream come true.”

 Laura Rodela, author of Confessions


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