New blog branding – What do you think?

Frequent visitors to this blog will notice some drastic changes this week. The same great content is here, but it’s wrapped in a very different wrapper (or, “blog theme” as they’re called).  We made this change for a few reasons:

  1. The previous blog was difficult to navigate. It had a “home page” which focused on the single most-recent blog posting along with a large graphic but unfortunately, the actual content of the blog posting wasn’t on the home page. In order to read the actual blog posting, you needed to “click” on the graphic or “read more” link to actually read the post.  Our site analysis told us many people weren’t doing this.
  2. This new blog kind of looks like a leather-bound book, don’t you think? In other words, its aesthetics more closely match the content of this blog.
  3. Links actually look like links you can click.  The previous blog featured links that were italicized and in a black font, making them nearly invisible among the actual content. It wasn’t clear what/where you were supposed to click to get more information.
  4. With the addition of the background, this new blog design also completes our social community branding process, which has been finalized for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to match our website’s homepage. See the screen shots below:



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Webpage at (click to visit)

Tell us what you think of our new blog with the poll below:

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