Fandemonium was published last week!  Congratulations to all the newly published Facebook authors with work appearing within the pages of this exciting anthology. The book is available for a 10% discount from our bookstore by clicking here, and will be available throughout our distribution-on-demand network (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Powells, Books a Million, and many, many more sales channels) within the next few weeks — probably even sooner!  Be sure to buy your copy now. Over $7 goes to the American Red Cross for every paperback copy sold.

Publication is not the end; it is just the beginning.  Outskirts Press makes the marketing journey just as fun as the publishing journey. Once published, your Publishing Center at Outskirts Press looks like this:  

This is the Publishing Center control panel, where you can order books, order marketing services, and manage your marketing efforts, your free webpage, and your ebook through your “toolkit.” Your Publishing Center at Outskirts Press makes this all super easy. One of the first things we suggest our authors do is make their Author Webpage exactly the way they want it.

So, we need your help, since this is YOUR book.  Please vote on your preference for the color/layout for your Fandemonium author webpage by viewing the choices below.

 As a Diamond book, Fandemonium has 16 different style/color variations to choose from, combining 4 color choices and 4 lay-out choices.   A published author can change or modify the look of their author webpage at any time by simply choosing from a drop down list of choices within their Publishing Center.  The Emerald lay-outs direct book sales directly to the author instead of to the online sales channels, which is perfect for some authors’ needs, but not for this book, so we’ll skip Emerald designs.  In fact, for the sake of brevity, we’ll narrow the choices down to 4 possible combinations below.  Please vote on your preference in the poll below. The winning webpage will be the one set for Fandemonium by the end of the week.

Diamond Blue
Diamond Red
Ruby Green

Sapphire Gray

Currently, the webpage is set to Diamond Blue while we wait for your votes, so you can click on that image and it will take you to the actual webpage for a closer look. All these samples, and the actual webpage, demonstrate the flexibility and power authors proficient in HTML have over the appearance of their author webpage.  And for those not as familiar with HTML, your webpage still looks great, and we have an HTML option to assist you in taking your webpage to the next level.

It’s time to vote!  Which webpage do you like best for Fandemonium?

Are you ready to publish your own book and experience post-publication marketing control like this?  Save 10% on our three best packages today.  Click here for all the details.

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