The Reader Views 2010 Literary Award Finalists have been announced and Outskirts Press published more finalists  than any other publisher.

In fact, we recently received a wonderful unsolicited email from the owner of Reader Views, Irene Watson.  Through Reader Views, Irene comes in contact with a LOT of books from a LOT of self-publishing companies.  She granted us permission to share her recent email with our viewers.  Here’s what she had to say:

I’m very impressed with the quality of books that come from Outskirts Press.  We get a lot of self-published books and many are horribly (that’s the most gentle word I could find) produced. The quality just isn’t up to par.  Yours match any large traditional publishing company to a T. Occasionally we do review a book that hasn’t been properly edited but we know that’s the choice of the author.  If only, if only…there was a way to instill into the authors the importance of editing.

In fact, I am so impressed I recommended Outskirts Press to my assistant for her book. It’s in production now with your company.


Winners will be announced by today, March 3rd, 2011. Congratulations (and good luck) to the following Outskirts Press Finalists:

PJ and Split Pea

Behind the Columns

Command Influence

He Blew Her a Kiss

Keya Quests

Letters from Wheatfield

Outlook for a Better Life

Philosophy Back to Basics

Queen Vernita Meets Sir HeathyBean the Astronomer

Reflective Empowerment

Same Ol Moon

Tearing Down the Wall

Stalking the Dragon

The Union

The Valley Of Ashes

Congratulations to all our finalists! Since Outskirts Press publishes so many award-winning books, we make it easier than ever to promote your award with our Award Recognition Cover Enhancement option. For details and to order, visit the Marketing Options screen of your author’s center, or click the link above or the icon to the right.

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3 thoughts on “Reader Views Literary Award Finalists in Self-Publishing

  1. Thanks for the e-mail informing me that my absurd action/adventure novel, Stalking the Dragon, took a First Place in the Reader Views Literary Awards competition in humor. I received a nice review from them as well.

  2. hey! my book won first place in the early readers catagory and my cover page is not on your site. please include the award logo when we reprint this book in hard cover thx! wendy

    1. Hi Wendy! We know you won and congratulations. We’re waiting for your book to come out of revision status so we can add it to the list since currently your webpage isn’t accessible and your book isn’t available for ordering during the revision. When your book is back in published status we’ll add your cover and link to your webpage. Congratulations again!

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