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Congratulations to our official EVVY Award Nominees Top 5 Headlines
Every year Outskirts Press nominates approximately 5% of our published books for EVVY Award consideration.The EVVY Awards are held by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) to recognize excellence in independently published books. Year after year Outskirts Press is the most-honored publisher due to our amazingly talented authors.Over the past several weeks we have been notifying the authors of this
year’s collection of stellar books of their nomination. With acceptance of the nomination comes automatic submission into the CIPA EVVY Awards, which are held every spring. An official Outskirts Press EVVY nomination also takes the author one step closer toward winning the Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year award, which comes with a $1,500 prize. 

Below are the official Outskirts Press EVVY Nominees. Congratulations to them all!

To be considered for next year’s EVVY Awards, and next year’s Best Book of the Year Awards, start publishing your book today. If you select the Diamond or full-color Pearl package before the end of the year, you are automatically entered to win a free iPad. Click for details.

  • He Was There All The Time by Joyce H. Jones
  • The Keya Quests by Glenn Skinner
  • Psych Consults by Robert J. Mignone, M.D., F.A.P.A.
  • Searching for Apple Pie by Ken D. Arnold
  • Rambling Squirrel by Wendy Laird
  • Soon Come by Alan Dayno
  • Duckegg by NovaMelia
  • Whispers of Joy by Joy Andreasen
  • Queen Vernita Meets Sir HeathyBean the Astronomer by Dawn Menge and Heath Rhoades
  • Windfall by Gary Turcotte
  • They Call Me Nuisance by Edward & Eunice Vought
  • One Wacky Wasp by Brent Sampson
  • One Canoe, Many Paddles by Carol Rogne
  • The Mission by Larry Hunter
  • My Odyssey by Paul Straub
  • Happily Ever After, Texas Style by Patti Witter
  • The Key To Job Success In Any Career by Frank B. Leibold, Ph.D.
  • The Beads of Lapis Lazuli by Doris Kenney Marcotte
  • Legend of the Memory Keeper by Paul Wesley La Canfora
  • Is God on our Side? by Richard Thomsen
  • Walking Fish by Joanne Bodin
  • Four Farm Boys by Jenny Scholl. Christina Casto – Illustrations
  • Kill Dress by John Young
  • Kim’s Confessions by Wilson Awasu
  • All Points North by Shelby R. Lee III
  • The Rise and Fall of Captain Methane by Dorcey Alan Wingo
  • Art, Experience and Faith by William Squires
  • Le beau jardin…A Love Story by Richmond Lafayette Holton
  • Reflective Empowerment by Philip Guy Rochford
  • The Science of Virginal Conception by Romeo Q. Rillera
  • New Directions in Life by Thinking and Doing by John D. Houck
  • Tearing Down the Wall by Sharon M. Katzman
  • The Edgewood Troupe by Thomas Inman
  • Common Choices for Uncommon People by Barbie Johnson
  • Let’s Go Fishing by Kathy Smith
  • He Blew Her a Kiss by Angie Pechak Printup & Kelley Stewart Dollar
  • Final Outcome by James B. McPike
  • Roberto El Rapido by Vicki Leary
  • The Highly Effective Habits of 5 Successful Authors by Outskirts Press
  • Legend of the Pumpkin Carver by Sharon M. Harvey
  • Hail His Glorious Appearing by Idaresit Edem Ekwere
  • The Dogs of Divorce by William Kenly
  • Free Yourself From Worry by R.L. Hill
  • The EPIC Roles of Consciousness by Walter J. Geldart
  • Scapegoat: Targeted for Blame by Dr. Clifton W. Wilcox
  • Slavery and Lincoln’s Unnecessary, Unconstitutional, Uncivil War and Aftermath by Spencer Gantt
  • I Am Equus by Duaa Anwar
  • The Light of Innocence by Carl Marshall
  • Myles & Otis by Melissa Hughes
  • Poetry Through The Pain by Tanya Purcell
  • Popularity Genie in a Bottle by Donatella & Cristina Fragiale

Amazon Kindle News

Speaking of winners, Shaun Scalerandi is the first winner of a free Amazon Kindle from our Facebook Fan Contest.  Congratulations, Shaun! We will contact you soon to arrange the delivery of your prize.

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