Are you interested in national and international attention for your book? The 2nd International Book Awards are open for submissions through April 30, 2011 with winners to be announced in May of 2011. Sponsored by the Los Angeles-based company JPX Media, the contest is designed to promote talented authors and publishers from around the world who want to launch their careers and find a niche in the global market.

The International Book Awards are open to titles published in English in 2009-2011, with an ISBN, and currently available for sale globally online. The affordable entrance fee of $69 will be reduced to $49 for authors who postmark their entry by October 31, 2010. With over 150 categories to choose from, including first time author and design categories, there are opportunities for everyone. For submission guidelines and entry forms, visit

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2 thoughts on “International Book Awards – Opportunity for Self-Publishing Authors

  1. First I have plans to publish with Outskirt Press. For now I have Poetry of a Lifetime, an autobiography rather unique in concept by using the four seasons of my life as noted in more than 100 poems; Added are commentaries, full pages illustrations (33 from Jeanne Wolff, an Illinois artist and three mine) an extensive Press Coverages index, a Who What When index, an eight page photo album. A unique cover. ISBN 978-0-9623018-6-5 – Library of Congress 2009927988 – Publication 2009 by NACG Press – 240 pages. It is on Amazon.

    I have a novel Terms of Interment, coming out early 2011. An amusing, scary, suspense novel that keeps readers glued to what is coming next. Being published by NACG Press as well.

    I need to promote the books. I like your Diamond promotional offerings. How can I have that offering from you without the publishing since these books are already being published by another publisher? Of note I have five more novels to publish plus other poetry books, quotation books . . .

    Please let me know. Thank you.

    Marcel Toussaint
    Poet – Novelist – Lyricist

    1. Hi Marcel — That’s great! We look forward to helping you with your publishing and book marketing needs. For any books you already have published elsewhere, you can review the marketing products and services we have available for you here:

      For any future publications, visit our website at to get started. You can find all of the information about the publishing packages and additional services we offer. Once on our site click on the START HERE box in the left hand corner. With your $35.00 deposit you will be assigned your own Publishing Consultant to guide you through the process and you will receive 3 free eBooks.

      We look forward to working with you!

      OP Support

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