This new collection of eight short stories by author Mohammad Reza Aazami Bafrani provides readers with the magical worlds of characters whose adventures span life and death, justice and retribution, angels and wish fulfilling cities.Mohammad Reza Aazami Bafrani’s imaginative fantasies offer a series of mysterious fates and magical endings that will entertain readers with their paranormal narratives.In “Marriage in Space,” for instance, an astronaut lands on the moon and is immediately met by Helen, the love he has been searching for all his life. In another, equally other-worldly tale, “I Have Seen Both of the Worlds,” a man who seemingly has died is given a choice between many marvelously handcrafted wooden doors that he can walk through to determine his fate.  After a strange trial by the Fifty Saturdays Committee, he is able once again to return to life, happy.

In the equally imaginative tale, “Faith Power,” Rebecca is trapped in a coma after a brutal car accident.  After she separates from her body, she is led to an Eden-like land, but she decides she wants to return to her home on earth.  A kind angel obliges her, and Rebecca returns home just in time to prevent her husband from committing a heinous crime.


Other tales in this collection of fanciful tales include a magical helicopter ride for a man and his son to Wish City and a fitting punishment for a criminal, even if it is applied way outside the country’s normal halls of justice.

About the Author:Mohammad Reza Aazami Bafrani was born in Iran in 1953.  His specialty is writing short fantasies such as the ones in Did You Know???????.  He is also active in the sale of fine carpets and has published articles about hand woven carpets in widely circulated newspapers in Iran.

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