Self Publishing Authors Should Not Underestimate the Power of Libraries

Successful library distribution can turn a fledging publication into a success story. Sometimes the first step is a positive review in a library periodical such as Library Journal. LJ reviews approximately 4,500 books every year, specifically assessing their value to the library market. A good review in Library Journal can spur an additional thousand copies sold of a non-fiction book; a rave review for a very popular non-fiction topic (dieting, pets, children, health, etc) can spark sales of up to 5,000!

Most library orders will originate through Baker & Taylor, which is just one of the many distributors Outskirts Press utilizes for distribution of your book. LJ reviews both pre-publication galleys and finished books, although they much prefer pre-publication galleys — a perfect reason for the non-digital proofing copy option.

To solicit a review, submit your book and sales sheet to:

Book Review Editor,
Library Journal,
360 Park Avenue South,
New York, New York 10010.

Include the following information on a professionally written 1-page cover letter: Author, title; name, address, and telephone number of publisher; date of publication; price; number of pages; and ISBN and LC numbers if available. Please indicate whether any illustrations, an index, or bibliography will be included; also include a brief description of the book, its intended audience, and information on the author’s background. Don’t forget to include a review copy of the book, along with details about how LJ can get in touch with you.