Personal Marketing Assistance for Self Publishing Writers

A marketing supplement to the Creative Online Assistance, Coaching, and Help offered by the Outskirts Press Marketing COACH is now available. Introducing the new Personal Marketing Assistant for Outskirts Press authors who want additional marketing assistance that is personal, productive, and specific.  
The Personal Marketing Assistant is available to work with you to promote your book in accordance with your plan and goals. This option may be purchased in 5 hour blocks of time from the convenience of the Marketing Options screen of your Author’s Center. The first 30 minutes will be spent on the phone with you going over your marketing plan and defining a list of clear objectives for the Personal Marketing Assistant to assist you in your promotional efforts.
Who is the Personal Marketing Assistant?
Our Personal Marketing Assistant graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Marketing and a secondary emphasis in literature and creative writing. Since graduation, she has performed in the marketing, advertising, and promotion roles for Fore Magazine, Collegiate Magazine, 303 Magazine, and a large radio station in Colorado Springs, among others. She was responsible for marketing Denver Civic Theater productions bound for Broadway, and now turns her talents to helping Outskirts Press authors market and promote their books.
What does the Personal Marketing Assistant do?
Via phone and email, Leah will correspond with you to arrive upon a marketing action plan and to create a promotional calendar. Then, Leah and the author will agree upon the specific tactics that will be taken in accordance with the agreed-upon marketing plan. This could include soliciting book reviews, contacting local bookstores, completing the verbiage on an author’s webpage, improving your Amazon tactics, or any number of tasks.
Where does the Personal Marketing Assistant work?
The personal marketing assistant is based with Outskirts Press on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado, although location is all relative, since correspondence and assistance will occur and be delivered via email, phone, and the internet.
When does the Personal Marketing Assistant start promoting a book?
Just as soon as the author orders the optional services from the Marketing Options screen of the Outskirts Press Author’s Center.
Why should an author request the services of the Personal Marketing Assistant?
Successfully marketing a book takes some effort, even with the ongoing tips, suggestions, services, and products offered by Outskirts Press after publication. If your email box is full of Marketing COACH suggestions that you will “get to when you have time”  you are a perfect candidate for the Personal Marketing Assistant option.
How long does the Personal Marketing Assistant work on my book?
For as long as you want. Personal Marketing Assistant time is available in 5-hour blocks of time. You may request as many blocks as you need from the convenience of your Author’s Center.
To order: Visit the Marketing Options screen in your Author’s Center and choose the Personal Marketing Assistant Option.
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