A live interview with Outskirts Press author Robert Paul Blumenstein



An interview with author Robert Paul Blumenstein

Tuesday, January 13th, 7pm Eastern


Robert Paul Blumenstein
Robert Paul Blumenstein


To listen in, visit:


If you’d like to speak with Robert during the live show, the number to the show is 646-595-4022


Robert will be discussing his book, Snapping the String.


Snapping the String
Snapping the String


Snapping the String is the story of Peyton Costello’s struggle to vindicate himself of a crime that he did not commit.  The instigating incident occurs in Richmond, Virginia, in 1968, when eighteen-year-old Peyton Stephen Costello trips on LSD.  He enters his home and discovers that his mother and father have been murdered.  He loses control.  The authorities have no experience in dealing with “bad trips.”  They assume Peyton committed this crime while using this psychotic inducing drug.  He is remanded to the custody of a mental institution.      Peyton is a semi-permanent border of the institution having to survive the rigors of forced therapy before a court advocate can secures his day in court.  The Commonwealth of Virginia feebly attempts to prosecute Peyton.  He wins his freedom and now must find the party responsible for killing his parents.

Visit Robert’s author webpage at Outskirts Press.

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