Author Poll: Writer Leonora Alongi wants your help with her book title

Leonora Alongi is publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And she wants your help with her book title.

Please take a look at two possible titles below and then vote on the choice you recommend for Leonora.

  1. Return of the Dread Champions
  2. Return of the Dread Champions I (since it is the first of 2 books) 

To help you decide, here’s a bit more information about the book:

My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away, (Song of Solomon 2:10)

This book is a trumpet call to arms. To inspirationally rearm and encourage a people to renewal who have somehow along the way lost the knowledge and remembrance of who they are in Christ Jesus, and all that He has invested in us. Come, come, all who hear the call. Rise up!

Come away and be refreshed from the consistent flooding onslaught of the things of this world, the cares of this world, the darkness of this world, and the vain fashionable craze of secular culture which attempts to snare, wear, and tear us down, causing us to forget we are always more than conquerors in Jesus! The flesh is weak and our emotions will always deceive us. Though God is strong and His truth will set us free! And free indeed we shall be! From the shackles and lies that attempt to bind and chain us to earthly things that have no power over us!

About the Author: 

Having great interest in Biblical History, Leonora researched and studied at home while raising 6 children with her husband. She set out to write a book finding the stories in the bible miraculously similar to everyone’s own needed personal triumphs. She desired to share the life lessons she learned to be more than a conqueror in every aspect of life. They reside in New York.

Which title should Leonora Alongi choose?