Author Poll: Frederick Munch wants your help with his cover in a Survey Poll

Frederick Munch is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press, and wants your help deciding his upcoming book cover.

Book Summary:

Are you doubting God’s existance? If there is a God would He really have time to listen to your problems and requests?

In reading “Searching for my Faith,” you will come to understanad you are not alone. What does God really expect from us? Does God punish us for ignoring Him and His commandments? You will learn how the author began to build his faith with the focus more on what God’s purpose is for us.

A twenty-nine year veteran of police work, the author describes the daily struggles of policing and the constant battle he endured with the question of faith. Does God really exist? Why do good people get hurt?

Share his experiences, and come to learn how he overcame adversity, tragedy, and guilt. Most importantly was how he eventually found contentment and an inner peace.

If you have questions concerning spirituality and are looking for some direction, “This book is for you.”

Or simply- if you ever thought about being a cop, you may want to read this first!

About the Author:

Fred is retired after seving twenty-nine years in Law Enforcement. He has experience in serving with both a State and Municipal agency. Twenty-five of those years were spent as a street cop assigned to the Patrol Division, and worked as a Patrol Street Supervisor. He served his last four years assigned to the Detective Division as a Sergeant investigating all types of crime including Juvenile offences. Fred is most thankful for the opportunity to serve his hometown community for so many years. He now enjoys spending most of his time with his six grandchildren.

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