5 Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Publishing Resolutions

It’s a new year and, surely, most of us are brimming with good intentions and armed with a laundry list of resolutions to improve our self, health and personal habits. If you’re resolving to finish writing or publishing your book this year, we have some tips to help you keep those resolutions.

  1. Set specific, realistic goals. For example, if you have a book you want to finish this year, rather than resolving to “write more,” give yourself a daily word count goal that will help you complete your book as soon as possible.
  2. Be faithful. Be sure to schedule a specific time to work on your writing each day. The time of the day you choose may be different for everyone: One author may require an early wake-up time to get a job done before he gets busy with other business, while another may be at her most productive just before turning in for the night. Whatever time is best for you, be sure to schedule it and stick to your schedule every day.
  3. Break down resolutions into digestible parts. If your goal is to publish your book this year, think about what mini-goals you must meet to achieve the greater purpose. For example, if you need to finish your book first, set a target completion date and follow steps 1 and 2. If your book is already finished and you haven’t started publishing yet, now is the time so don’t wait. Select your publishing package and set your target date for publication.
  4. Share your goals with others. Letting someone in on your plans to write, publish and/or market a book gets others excited along with you. They cheer you on when you’re discouraged, and silently motivate you when you feel inclined to slack off. Plus, the feeling of accountability to a group will make you unwilling to disappoint your friends and fellow writers.
  5. Start publishing today. Even if your book isn’t finished yet, you can buy your publishing package now and give yourself incentive to get finished so you can dive into the publishing process. And when you’re ready, your Publishing Consultant will be here to help!

Best of luck in all of your writing, publishing and marketing endeavors in 2013 – and Happy New Year!

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– Jack V. Hattem Ph.D, author of The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No