Hardcover, paperback, and eBook—three different formats united for one great purpose!

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When you’re an author with Outskirts Press, you make all the decisions, including which format(s) to publish in—hardcover, paperback, eBook, and/or audiobook.

You may choose one, some, or all of those, and that decision will be right for you.

But if your type of book, budget, and goals are open to it, we recommend you publish in at least hardcover, paperback, and eBook. When you start with the Ultimate Black & White or Ultimate Full-Color, we will include a hardcover edition, along with the paperback and eBook editions already included.

We also like hardcovers because many readers still consider that the “deluxe” format or the “perfect gift” format. It not only looks good on their home shelf but also on the bookstore shelf, and hardcover copies are showstoppers at your public appearances. Hardcovers may cost more, but they are also so effective at grabbing readers’ attention that readers may be more likely to buy a hardcover copy.

Just enter promo code hardbackfree during checkout to receive a free hardcover edition of your book.

Learn more about the different formats you could publish your book in. Your Publishing Consultant or one of our other experts is also available to discuss the possibilities. However you like to connect, we’re here for you.

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