It’s National Library Week, April 23rd-29th!

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Happy April, National Library Month, and specifically, right now, National Library Week! You know all the reasons to celebrate libraries as a reader—well, they’re just as priceless for you, the author.

Successful library distribution can up your readership (think of the number of people who will check out even one copy), increase your marketing opportunities (from book clubs and events to newsletters and social media), and extend your book’s shelf life (once your book is on a library shelf, it usually stays there, collecting readers over the years).

So, do the work to get YOUR book on that shelf! Here are some key action items:

  • Go to your local library and ask them to order your book.
  • Contact the library in the location where your book takes place.
  • Tell your readers they can get your book for free if they go to their library and ask them to order it.
  • Publish in a variety of formats. Libraries continue to love hardcover books because they are more durable. But now, because of changes in both technology and reading habits, digital and audio formats are growing in popularity for libraries.
  • Ensure your book is listed in the catalogs that libraries order from Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Overdrive, Hoopla, and Bibliotheca.

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