Save 10% on Launch Services That Pack a 100% Punch!

Promo code: bundleamz

While there is always the opportunity to direct your book sales in a positive direction, there is no time like your book’s publication to generate and benefit from reader interest. At Outskirts Press, we know that, so we have set up a Book Launch Bundle that pulls together four of our services with the greatest potential for a high return on investment. And now, through the end of the month, save 10% on the bundle!

You may think of employing our book launch team as building a great home base for your book.

Hire a Great Project Manager

Outskirts Press’s Book Marketing Specialists will help you focus and stay on track with your and your book’s unique needs and goals.

Set a Solid Foundation

Press releases remain key to a successful marketing effort. So, we help you write a winning one—and then we help you put it in front of thousands of media contacts.

Build Up into the 21st Century

Our social media experts help you establish your presence on key sites—including connecting you with relevant users on each platform.

Paint the Walls and Plant Some Flowers

While aesthetic details aren’t necessary, they sure can draw positive attention and set your book apart from the rest of the block. Outskirts Press will put together a book trailer and upload it to all the key social media and video sites.

It’s simple. When you’re ready to get started, enter promo code bundleamz.

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