What’s on your giving list this holiday season?


We get it—finding the right gift for some people is just plain brutal! Their wish lists are too short or vague. Their wish lists are too long and difficult to prioritize. They’re your kids or your grandkids who you don’t live near, and you wonder if their favorite color has changed . . . or if they still need that one thing they needed the last time you visited . . . or—wow!—so many ifs when it comes to those busy, ever-changing kids and grandkids!

So, let Outskirts Press help!

Our $99 self-publishing gift certificate is an excellent gift for any writer in your life!

For the new writer, it can help them take that first step toward self-publishing. Knowing that money is sitting in a brand-new Publishing Center account, just waiting for them, is practically guaranteed to motivate them to make the next move.

For the published writer, this gift can allow them to take their book to the next level. For example, it can help them add a marketing service or a new format for their book or to buy extra author copies.

Outskirts Press can’t help you with your baking to-do list (though we’d sure like to) or clean your home before the relatives visit (we have our own terrifying dust bunnies to vanquish, thank you very much!). But we have your back with your holiday shopping list—and unlike baking and cleaning, you can buy an Outskirts Press gift certificate in the minutes right before gift unwrapping!

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