Outskirts Press Author Martina Potucek-Palladino’s Marketing Idea Is as Unique as Her Books!

Lorenzo, the Fifth Narrative of the Thru Eyes of REM series by Martina Potucek-Palladino, recently joined the author’s four previous titles with Outskirts Press. Each title has an adult version and a new adult version. But Potucek-Palladino isn’t sitting back, content to be comfortable in the familiar. Instead, she keeps pushing herself as the lead marketer for her series. Earlier this year, she began selling wine that pairs with her books.

“It’s something I wanted to do from the beginning,” Potucek-Palladino told My Life Publications, which covers life in New Jersey, where Potucek-Palladino lives. When she hit her goal of having at least three or four books in her series, she “went to a winery and tasted different wines that would remind me of the character on the cover of that book.” Then, her cover artist, Wendell Souza, revised each book cover image to become one suitable for a wine label while Potucek-Palladino came up with a name for each.

For example, Tink, the first book in the series, pairs perfectly with Sanguine Sangria, Potucek-Palladino says—the blood orange might be something her vampire-story-loving character would appreciate. Tommy, the second book, involves seven brothers in Sardinia, Italy, so the wine to pair with it is Sette Fratelli Sangiovese (“Seven Brothers Sangiovese,” in Italian).

Thru Eyes of REM is a fantastical adventure of love and hatred, acceptance and empowerment—all weaving together over a thousand years. The characters came to Potucek-Palladino more than 20 years ago in a dream. However, she still writes as she always has: one entire chapter at a time, never allowing herself to be interrupted midchapter.

While Potucek-Palladino is not licensed to sell her wine herself, interested readers may receive a wine giveaway if they meet her at a convention. The Marketplace in Flanders, New Jersey, also sells the wine directly to consumers—along with, of course, Potucek-Palladino’s action-packed books.

We love creative ideas like Potucek-Palladino’s! There are so many exciting, outside-the-(wine)-box ways to market a book! Outskirts Press marketing experts are always here to help you brainstorm!

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