Your Second Finalist for the 2022 Best Book of the Year Award is . . . Karen Spicer-Wolven, Author of Survived By No One?

Survived By No One? My Story of Finding Hers, by Karen Spicer-Wolven

Congratulations to our three finalists for the Outskirts Press 2022 Best Book of the Year award: Eating Yellow Paint, by Susie Newman; Survived By No One? My Story of Finding Hers, by Karen Spicer-Wolven; and The Un-Diet, The Ultimate Mindset Journal to Living Beyond Diets, by Stacey Stedman.

All three books took home first place awards from this year’s EVVY Awards, qualifying the authors for Outskirts Press’s highest honor! But remember, only one book can win—so diligently study your choices, order their books, and cast your vote. Voting will begin on Monday, September 19th, on Self-Publishing News and close promptly on 11:59 pm Mountain Time on Friday, September 23rd.

So, come back on Monday, September 19th, to cast your vote for the book you believe to be the best of the three.

Meet Your Second Finalist

Survived By No One? My Story of Finding Hers

Survived By No One? My Story of Finding Hers

Angelika’s obituary had to be wrong . . .

In the summer of 2014, Angelika Harder-Russo passed quietly from this earth. Little did Karen Spicer-Wolven know that the search for Angelika’s family would help her survive her own darkest days and learn the true value of human connection.

This story began based solely on the 82 letters and over 300 photos Karen retrieved from the trash in Angelika’s home. However, as she tried to piece together Angelika’s life story, Karen learned that there are no “facts”—simply documented accounts of events recorded through someone else’s lens, which is what Angelika’s photos and letters provided: her version of life in post-WWII Germany; her perspective of her own romance, family conflict, survival, and the fear and excitement of leaving Germany to become an American military wife.

Survived by No One? is told through the eyes of a brave young mother who endured war, poverty, and incredible heartache. Angelika survived it all, but who survived her? This book takes the reader on Karen’s journey through Angelika’s letters, photos, documents, and eventually a trip to Bavaria, Germany, to finally share Angelika’s story with her family. It turns out that Angelika Harder-Russo has many “survivors.”

About the Author

Karen Spicer-Wolven

Karen Spicer-Wolven

Karen Spicer-Wolven is a self-proclaimed “historical hoarder” with degrees in history/government and human services, with an emphasis on mental health. She spent four years researching Angelika’s story before traveling to Bavaria to meet with her family, and their friendship and learning continue. Karen lives in the Missouri Ozarks with her husband, Chris.

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