Save 10% on local and global book marketing

Media Marketing Blitz Save 10%

June is the month to save on local and global book marketing with the popular Media Marketing Blitz. Just use promo code: blitzten

Yes, it’s time to launch your book. Or relaunch it—it’s never too late to do more for your book!

After your initial one-on-one personal consultation with your Marketing Strategist, we will contact local media in your area and pitch your book (and your locality) to them. Don’t worry! Book Blitzing means we do all the heavy lifting for you!

Who do we reach out to for you?

  • Local news stations? Check.
  • Local and community newspapers? Check.
  • Local and regional radio stations? Check.

What do you get with this Blitz?

  • 5 hours of Personal Marketing Service.
  • Researching, vetting, and contacting up to 10 local media and/or event opportunities in your area.
  • Follow-up with each local media outlet.
  • Researching, vetting, and contacting influential, worldwide blogs related to your book’s subject matter for a book review, author interview, or other online events (we guarantee at least one blog “appearance”).
  • Digital “Clipping Service” that automatically notifies you every time your book is mentioned online.

Just use promo code: blitzten during checkout and let the book blitzing begin!

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