Get Ready for Independent Bookstore Day!

Independent Bookstore Day takes place this Saturday, April 30, and is a nationwide event celebrated by independent bookstore owners, their patrons, and readers & writers of all ages!

Since independent bookstores are . . . well, independent, every party/celebration is different! That’s part of the fun, so plan on visiting more than one. At one bookstore, you might find authors, singers, and musicians; at another, you might experience a scavenger hunt, or a BBQ, or some bouncy houses for young readers.

It is sure to be a daylong event for all the self-publishing authors and book readers in general who want to celebrate these community epicenters that are owned, run, and cared for by passionate book lovers.

And for you self-publishing authors out there, this may even be an opportunity to get to know your local bookstore owners, perhaps being able to arrange for a book signing in the future, or drop off several books on consignment. Or, at the very least, show other members of your household the beauty of books, no matter how they are published.

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