AUTHOR INSPIRATION: The Freedom to Keep Writing? Priceless!

K. Raymond Zabielski had a great idea for a book—in fact, he had a great idea for six books: a coming-of-age series gorgeously woven within an epic fantasy world. With drive, skill, and passion he eventually turned his concept into a finished and polished manuscript.

The only problem?

He was spending all his time running up against the towering walls of traditional publication, when he really needed to continue writing his series. After all, once his first book hit the shelves, readers would want the second! He didn’t have time to put his writing on hold while he dealt with rejection slips from agents and unsatisfactory contracts from publishers—all of which kept looming in his way.

“Luckily,” he says, “I came across Outskirts Press.”

Zabielski did his research and learned that Outskirts Press is not just a “glorified copy house” that leaves all the work to our authors, a fear many writers have about self-publishing companies. Instead, he says, Outskirts Press “was exactly what I was looking for. All questions were answered right up front. My author representative was always there to help guide me through everything.”

 Zabielski published The Cantrill Book One: Beginnings with Outskirts Press in February. Already, the second book in the series is in editing, and the third is in the production queue. Outskirts Press’ commitment gave Zabielski exactly what he needed: “This gave me the freedom to continue writing while they took care of the nuts and bolts of getting a book out into the market.”

Zabielski is quick to add that he still participates in marketing. After all, a writer will always be a book’s biggest cheerleader, but he’s no longer alone. “Outskirts Press gives you the tools and shows you the way,” he says.


K. Raymond Zabielski is a native of Long Island, New York, where he spent time hiking and camping in the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains, reinforcing his deep love of nature. He started writing The Cantrill series there. In addition to his passion for storytelling, he loves animals. After a stint in Florida, Zabielski moved to Colorado, back to the mountains, which continue to inspire him as a writer.

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