Introducing Self-Publishing Author David Gottstein’s Book Video Trailer for “A More Perfect Union”

Announcing the Self-Publishing News premier of the book video trailer for A More Perfect Union (published by Outskirts Press, 2020, by David Gottstein.

A More Perfect Union- Unifying Ideas for a Divided America

We are a divided country, but we don’t have to be. A More Perfect Union-Unifying Ideas for a Divided America is the essential guide for a polarized country. Author David Gottstein has identified the most pressing issues that Americans must address to prosper at home and abroad. More importantly, he offers common sense solutions that will unite Americans regardless of their politics. Imagine solutions that provide enough water and energy for generations, leaving a cleaner planet in return. Imagine a way to end unemployment and welfare as we know it. Gottstein shares a vision of America where success is based on how hard you work and not where you were born. If you are looking to be inspired by an America that can be, you have found the right book. Read it, share it, and add your voice to A More Perfect Union.

David Gottstein

David Gottstein is President of Dynamic Capital Management with a degree in Economics and Finance from the Wharton School. He has been a political activist working behind the scenes, in a bi-partisan role for more than 40 years. He was the founder of Backbone, a political action alliance of Republicans and Democrats, dedicated to finding common ground.

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